A kind of sport that releases specially bred, trained as well as conditioned for the races pigeons is called Pigeon racing, this typically vary from 100-1000 km. The bird that will travel the highest velocity will be declared the winner.


The most ideal place to look for racing pigeon loft is in the pigeon auctions. There, you'll able to choose a range of pigeons that are for sale. You can find a lot of pigeon auction online. See below the various type of pigeon auctions.


Total Sell out- This kind of pigeon auction, the loft sells all including pigeon supplies, clocks and also the birds.


Loft Reduction Auction- This incorporates lessening of the total number of birds within a loft. But, it will still join in pigeon racing.


Special Auction- this kind of pigeon auction sells special birds.


Donation Auction- Such auction donates special pigeon to a fund-raiser or a charity.


In case you like to join in any of the mentioned auction, make sure that you do a thorough research first about it. If ever you have no budget of a trained racing pigeon then just buy the pigeons you like so much and then train them. You can also learn more about pigeon supplies by checking out the post at


Before you join in online pigeon auctions, you need to ensure that the auction company is reliable, with good reputation with regards to the quality of pigeon racing lofts, race courses, pigeon supplies and many other related concerns.


If ever you are going to the racing pigeon auction personally, then make a point to land at the place well before the sale time. This will offer time to look over the bird and also their pedigrees. Thus, you will have the capacity to settle on a right choice at the time pigeon of auction on which bird to purchase.


In case you don't have enough mastery in considering the racing pigeon loft, acquire assistance of experienced pigeon reproducers. Survey the pigeons based on the performance however not the appearance of muscles, throat, wings, and then back.


Sometimes it may not be feasible for the fancier to go to the auction. With this, there are auctions that p permit to place intermediary offers or even mail in bids well ahead of time. They even permit the fancier to place most extreme offer on a pigeon.




No matter if you choose to look for pigeons at auctions or you decide to breed your own particular birds, the racing pigeon sport is a standout amongst the most charming activities you could try! Most fanciers have been rearing and raising flying creatures their entire life and truly appreciate it.


When you see or hear the word race, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Well probably you would think first of people racing with one another. Perhaps there are many marathons that you have seen in the television and in the magazines.


While it is common for people to have a race, did you know that animals also have races? Maybe among the animals the horse is the only animal that comes to your mind when one talks about racing. This is because horse race is popular. But did you know that one type of birds also races? Are you surprised with this?


Pigeons are the birds used in racing. And among pigeons there is one breed that is specifically used for this purpose. This is because just like dogs there are also different breeds with pigeons. It was in Belgium during the 19th century when pigeon racing became popular. From there it spread to other Western countries. But after some time there was a decline in its following because of lack of public interest. But now there is renewed interest in it and there are more people being enthusiastic about it. This is especially the case the thing used to monitor the arrival of the pigeons in the home has greatly improved. Now there is the RFID and the electrical system that can be used to accurately measure the arrival time of the pigeon.


So if you are greatly interested to get into this, what do you do? Well of course you need to build a loft first for the pigeon that you will buy. Where can you get the materials for that? Well you can easily get them from the best online store for that. They have all the materials you need for the pigeon loft. You can easily search online on how you can build a loft. There are even step by step tutorials that you can find out online. From this you will be able to easily build a loft. For more facts and information about pigeon supplies, you can go to



Aside from the materials for the loft, the online store will also have complete materials needed in the training of racing pigeon products. Where do you find this store? Well you can easily find it by looking for it online. It has become the best online store because it is complete and it also has customer support.


Racing pigeons can be very exciting and even nerve cracking. This is because you are going to release your pigeon several miles away from its loft and wait for it to come home. If it is your first time, there are so many what ifs in mind. You will worry about what if it won't be able to find its way home. Racing pigeons are also called as homing pigeons. These birds are distinct from the other birds. So even if you will drop them 5 miles away, they will always find their home to you.


Today, there are several people around the world who are interested in racing pigeon. They also wanted to train and breed their own pigeons. But where can you get pigeons? Thanks to the advanced technology which made things a lot easier for us.


Online supply store is the best place to go. These stores can supply the kind of pigeon you want as well as the number of pigeon you can afford. These stores are easy to find even if you're not a computer expert. On the search box, just type racing pigeon products supply store and click enter. Then you can have plenty of supply stores to choose from. Now, how can you determine a reliable supply store?


One of the most important things to check is their site. Their site should be user friendly because not all of their clients are expert to using computers. Go through their site and check the content. A good site should include every bit of information that a client may want to know. It should have pictures as well and a box where you can leave your questions. It is ideal to visit several sites before making a decision. Check out other sites and start comparing them. If you want to learn more about pigeon supplies, you can visit


Another important thing to know is their experience. There are sure plenty of good reasons why a supply store has stayed long in the industry. That is what you are going to find out. Also, an experienced racing pigeons supply store will less likely do a thing to make their clients unhappy. This is sure the last thing they would want to happen.



Finding a reliable supply store is very important. Of course, you want to get the best racing pigeon. To make sure that they can supply you with what you need, you have to check for online reviews. These reviews contain the testimonials from random people. This is a good way to sort out the good stores from the bad ones.